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Welcome to www.fabuland.net. This place will be the online source for everything you want to know about Fabuland and will replace the old Unofficial Fabuland Homepage. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

2019 celebrates the 40 year anniversary of LEGO Fabuland.

Fabuland was a LEGO thema that was produced between 1979 and 1989. With this theme LEGO aimed at children ages 4-8, so for children a bit too old for Duplo and still a bit to young for Miniland / City.

In Fabuland all figures are animals: Cats, dogs, mice as well as monkeys, elephants and foxes and many more. The live in a city with a restaurant, a bakery, playgrounds, a school and many more houses.

The houses are build with large parts: doors, walls and roof are large pieces, therefore the houses are easy too build and playing can start right away. The building instructions do not only show how to build, but are an adventure store in themselves and have been issues in many different languages.

In the 1980s about 90 different sets with 90 different animal figures have been sold. Unfortunately LEGO then stopped producing them, but the theme is still loved by many. In 2001 LEGO produced a few sets similar to Fabuland with Mickey and Minnie Mouse as the main characters. However these sets were only produced during two years.

As I loved Fabuland as child I started collecting the sets and with the many spare pieces that I had I also started building more sets in the same style. The picture above shows my Fabuland City during one of the many LEGO shows.

This page will provide you with much information about Fabuland. As more is better, if you have additional info, plese drop me an e-mail.

At the moment you can find here:
- A list of FabulandŽ sets
     August 2012: high resolution .pdf building instructions have been added (including some sets where no instructions were present). Thanks to Martina
     September 2012. Added to more .pdf building instructions. Also check out this .pdf for different Fabuland picture (large: 9 MB)
November 2012: added a few more .pdf files and scans of the boxes of set 3667 and 3669
March 2013: added a few more .pdf files and box scans
April 2013: added scans of books (click here) and a Fabuland sticker sheet (click here). Thanks to Martina.
August 2013: added a few more .pdf files and scans of the boxes of set 338, 3663, and 3674
September 2013: added a few more .pdf files (set 3675 and 3682)
February 2014: Added high-resolutions instructions scans of set 3663 thanks to Roland (5-10 MB per page): page 1, page 2,page 3,page 4,page 5,page 6,page 7,page 8,page 9,page 10,
A list of FabulandŽ figures
- A list of FabulandŽ parts
- A list of other FabulandŽ items
- A FabulandŽ marketsquare
This includes pdf scans of the book Morty Maus (in German) and a 1986 Fabuland catalog.
Also listed is a 1985 Fabuland catalog, as well as sticker sets: Sticker 3667, Sticker 3671, Sticker 3675 (incomplete), Stickers 3678, Stickers 3683 (incomplete),Sticker 128 (part 2),Sticker 344
Swedish Fabuland activity book: Page 1, Page 2-3, Page 4-5, Page 6-7, Page 8, Page 9-10, Page 11-12.
- Links to other FabulandŽ & LEGOŽ sites
- MOCs: containing links to sites with Fabuland MOCs and some of my own
- Media: Links to Fabuland music on youtube

In the future it will also contain:
- An introduction to FabulandŽ, history, generalities, information and more
- An LDraw section with parts to make your own FabulandŽ buildings
- Own creations