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This page will list various Fabuland related items. If you know of anything Fabuland related that is not listed here, please let me know. Of course also pictures are welcome.

Fabuland Memory game:
The game consists of 24 cards (12 pairs). Two examples:

Click here for all cards

Fabuland Video:
There are at least two different videos. The one shown here is the one I have in my collection, and is called: Edward to the Rescue, part 2

Fabuland Record:
I have heard about this one, but it is not in my collection.

Fabuland Books/Booklets:
16 different small books; For example:

Click here for the covers of all 16 booklets
Click here for the story of Donny Dog (The story is in German with an English translation. Both are not my native language, so there are some not very good translations)
4 large books;

Fabuland Puzzles
Fabuland Bed Cover Sheet
Fabuland Parachute
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