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FABULAND My Own Creations

MOC is the abbreviation for My Own Creation. Many LEGOŽ fans do make their own creations and Fabuland fans are no different. On the internet you can find quite a lot of remarkable cars, building and scenes in Fabuland style. Two great websites with listings of such MOCs are:
- The Fabulous Fabuland Directory
- The Fabuland Builders Guild:

I myself have also started building scenes in Fabuland style.
 This Fabuland scene was part of a project of the Dutch LEGO community "De Bouwsteen". Members could build their own creation on a 48x48 baseplate to be displayed at the LEGO museum at Billund.

My display should a small Fabuland town with a car, boat, a few houses and 9 Fabuland figures.  I have tried to keep the Fabuland style although not all parts were used in the Fabuland sets. For example the white fences have only appeared in LEGO sets much later, but they perfectly fit with Fabuland

After creating 1 display at a 48x48 baseplate I started to make more. The photo on the right shows 4 sections. The are made modular, such that different layouts can be easily made.

All houses can be easily taken off the basic sections, as well as the figures and entourage such that the display can also be shown at different shows.

At the moment there are 9 modules available (pictures will follow)