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Buying and selling Fabuland

As LEGO stopped producing Fabuland in 1989 sets are not sold anymore in toy stores.  This makes it difficult to find Fabuland parts or sets. Here I list a number of  places where you can look for Fabuland.

LEGO Communities / User Groups
Some LEGO communities have special days at which members can sell LEGO. During these days sometimes also Fabuland sets, figures or parts are sold. For me it has been a good place to enlarge my collection. Also, as I often do show a Fabuland display during these days, people know me as a Fabuland collector and offer me sometimes Fabuland directly.

Fleamarkets / second-hand shops
Fleamarkets can be a good place for finding Fabuland items, but you will have to be lucky. In the Netherlands I rarely come across LEGO at fleamarkets and the change of finding Fabuland is even much smaller. In other countries the change of finding Fabuland can be higher, but it will vary from country to country.
Some second-hand shops specialize in children clothes and toys (or only toys) and also here sometimes interesting finds are possible.

Internet is usually a good place to find Fabuland, but it usually comes at a price.
www.bricklink.com is an online marketplace for LEGO and here many Fabuland figures and parts, as well as sets, can be found. Prices can vary from seller to seller, but keep in mind the costs for packaging and sending.
Also check online marketplaces and auctions such as www.ebay.com. Sometimes good deals can be made, but sometimes multiple persons want to have an item at the same time and the costs can go up very high.

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For sale


I have lots of incomplete Lego Fabuland Sets, some complete Sets, maybe some parts missing and lots of Figurines in decent condition, even though with the face painting.

Anyone interested in them, please just ask.



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