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SET 4165: Minnie's Birthday Party

No instructions available on Brickshelf

Set inventory (Thanks to Sheree Rosenkrantz)

   Pieces:  78
   Figures: 2

   Box size:  13 1/8" x 9 3/8" x 2 ¼"

   Loose in box
   1  [6252]   large blue umbrella top
   1 sticker sheet- 19 stickers
   1 card board flat base  5 ¾" x 4 5/8" - green with goldfish pond printed

   bag  A -
   1 Minnie Mouse  red jumper w/yellow blouse, red shoes
        [33256 on seat] & [33257 on shoes]
   1 Mickey Mouse blue shirt/ red pants  [33256 on shoes]
   1  [6212]  green brick  4 x 10
   1  [2356]  green brick  4 x 6
   1  [3007]  yellow brick  2 x 8
   1  [2456]  yellow brick  2 x 6
   1  [2456]  white brick  2 x 6
   1  [3035]  white plate  4 x 8
   1  [3035]  blue plate   4 x 8
   1  [3032]  blue plate   4 x 6
   4  [30145]  2 x 2 x 3 yellow brick
   1  tall blue rounded top windscreen
   1  red trellis unit
   1  [4461]  red seat box
   1   [33325]  red rounded top mailbox compartment
   2  yellow base/red roof unit wedge shape

   bag B-
   1  [33328]  red mailbox flap w/print
   4  black tires
   4 grey wheels
   1  [6203]  big red suitcase
   1  [33009]  red book
   1  red teapot
   1  [30147]  grey molded feature car grill
   2  [6249]  grey brick 2 x 4 with pins
   1  [4088]  white bell shaped piece 1 x 4 x 2 with center stud top
   1  [6253]  white pole umbrella stand
   1  [6523]  small blue basket
   1  yellow butterfly net
   1  blue accordian
   1  yellow tuba
   1  [33013]  large cake
   1  [4728]  red flower 2x2
   1  [4728]  blue flower 2x2
   2  [4727]  green plant flower 2x2  leaves
   2  [3633]  white fence 1 x 4 x1
   1  [33303]   yellow fence 1 x 4 x 2 picket w/ rounded tops
   2  [6187]  black bar 1 x 4 x 2
   3  [3941]  white 2x2 brick round
   1  [3032]  yellow plate  4 x 6
   3  [3001]  yellow brick  2 x 4
   1  [3001]  blue brick  2 x 4
   3  [3003]  red brick  2x2
   2  [3003]  blue brick  2x2
   4  [3003]  white brick 2x2
   2  [3003]  white brick with letter print 2x2
   6  [3010]  white brick  1 x 4
   2  [3622]  white brick   1 x 3
   2  [6182]  white arch  1 x 4 x 2
   2  [6182]  yellow arch  1 x 4 x 2

   Picture inventory on side of box counts 4 wheels  + 4 tires as  4.
   [33325]   mailbox top and  [33328] mailbox flap counted as 1 piece.

   Other paper:
   booklet ~ 8 ¼' x 5 7/8" ,  8 pages
   2000 catalogue ~  7 11/16" x 5 ¼",  32 pages (2 fold outs)

Personal comments

   Ages 4-9, 78 Pcs. (C)2000. 8 page manual: 3 models, 1 step.

   Set: Very good  /  Models: Very good  /  Playability: Very good

   About 15, some nice, some not, all on single bricks


   Minnie is celebrating her birthday in her garden. A small window looking out
   which the garden which contains a seat with table and a music stand. Mickey is
   coming over in his car. The main colors are yellow and white.


   Mickey Mouse figure
   Minnie Mouse figure
   Paper underground
   Butterfly net
   Bellshaped brick
   Large fence piece
   Small fence piece


   Ten years after the Fabuland theme ended, many of the parts used in that
   theme returned in the new Mickey Mouse sets. As a collector of Fabuland I
   couldn't let the Mickey Mouse sets stay on the shelf and here's the review of

   The Mickey mouse sets are in my opinion the new Fabuland sets. Many parts that
   were previously used in the Fabuland theme are now used again. Also the style
   of the sets are similar and also the scale of the figures is very much like the
   Fabuland sets.

   On the back of the box and inside the instruction booklet there are some more
   models that
   can be made of the pieces in the set. These models and also the main model on
   the front of the box, don't use all pieces. Next to normal bricks and plates,
   this set contains many odd pieces, of which many have a Fabuland origin and
   others that I haven't seen before. The set has quite a number of different
   pieces, but there are a bit too much specific pieces IMO. Some nice pieces are
   both the large and small fence pieces and the small arches (size 1x4x2, 2 in
   white and 2 in yellow)

   The model has it all: A nice house, a nice garden and a car. Enough
   oppertunities and entries to start playing very. The design of the house and
   garden seat are very good. The car is somewhat less and I see it more as abuggy
   than as a real car.

   As said before, youré ready to play after only a short building period.
   With the cake, tuba, harmonica and the car there is enough to do for Mickey and
   and therefore, I think kids will really like this set

   Nice things about this set is the large number of parts, the varity of parts
   and the nice look of the main model. The house (or window) is attractive.
   The additional musical instruments give many feed for playing.
   A dislike of the set is the large number of specific pieces like the coffeepot
   and the cakes. Also in this set the instructions are to vague IMO.

   Elememts that aren't used in the main model are:
   2x2 round brick white
   2x2 brick white
   2x4 brick blue
   2x4 brick yellow (3)
   2x8 brick yellow
   1x4 brick white (4)
   1x4x2 bar piece black (2)
   4x6 plate blue

   Also included in my copy was an additonal cake that wasn't listed on the box
   and that I couldn't find in the instructions. It has the same shape as the
   white cake, but this one is pink with brown chocolates on top.

   A very nice set. IMO the best set of the first four Mickey Mouse set and
   probably the best to buy first from the Mickey Mouse theme. Definitely

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