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SET 4164: Mickey's Fire Engine

No instructions available on Brickshelf

Set inventory (Thanks to Sheree Rosenkrantz)

   Outer cardboard box   5 ½" x 7 ½" x 1 7/8"

   loose pieces in box
   1   [3888]   black chassis  -  14 studs long
   1  yellow ladder  - 4 7/8" x 1 1/16"
   1  red holder to snap ladder  into -  2 x4 base
   1  [33254]    Mickey Mouse figure with blk hat,  blk shirt ,red pants

   bag   A  - 4 7/8" x 6 7/8"  clear smooth
   1  black tall rounded top windscreen   1 x 4 x 5 high
   1  [4088]  red brick with grill print  bell shape 1x 4 x 2
   1  [4061]  red seat box
   1  [3403]  white 4x4 turntable
   1  large black ax
   1  [6187]  grey  rounded rectangular bar
   3  [3003]  red brick  2 x 2
   1  [3003]  white brick  2 x 2
   1  [3033]  grey brick  2 x 2
   2  [3009]  black brick   1 x 6
   2  [3009]  red brick  1 x 6
   4  (3010)  red brick  1 x 4
   1  (3941)  trans blue 2 x 2 rounded brick with technic hole
   1  [4209]  hollow red spool holder brick

   bag B  - 2" x  2 ½" soft clear smooth  [contained inside  bag A]
   1  black spool with attached cord hose with grey nozzle

   booklet  3 1/8" x 4 ¾"  8 pages
   2000 catalogue  8 5/16" x 6 1/8"  36 pages

Personal comments

Ages 4-9, 26 Pcs. (C) 2000. 8 page manual: 3 models, 1 step.

   Set: Good  /  Models: Fair  /  Playability: Fair


   As the name already says, this is a fire engine. Its main colors are red and
   black. The scale is larger than minifig scale, just like the Fabuland theme.
   The instructions
   give also a few other vehicles which can be build with these parts


   Mickey Mouse figure in fire man clothes
   Fire ladder
   Fabuland car base


   Ten years after the Fabuland theme ended, many of the parts used in that
   theme returned in the new Mickey Mouse sets. As a collector of Fabuland I
   couldn't let the Mickey Mouse sets stay on the shelf and here's the review of

   The Mickey mouse sets are in my opinion the new Fabuland sets. Many parts that
   were previously used in the Fabuland theme are now used again. Also the style
   of the sets are similar and also the scale of the figures is very much like the
   Fabuland sets. This set looks very much like the Fabuland fire engine (set

   The set not only comes with the pieces to make the main model that is shown on
   the box, but it also comes with a few extra pieces. Also in the instruction
   booklet there are some other models wihich you can build with this collection
   of pieces. The pieces are mostly Fabuland or Basic pieces. Pieces that might be
   interesting for other people are the drum and fire hose and the white

   I think the main model is pretty realistic, but one bad point is the white
   In my opinion it would have been much better to use a red or black turntable

   Unfortunately the playability of this set as a single set is not very high.
   Mickey has no one to talk to and no fire to extinguish. However, combined with
   another Mickey Mouse set or a Basic set, the playability becomes much better.

   To me it is nice to see Fabuland parts returning, especially the car base
   (although it has been modified a little). Some people might see the Mickey
   Mouse sets as 'juniorized' sets, but I think you should compare these sets with
   the Fabuland theme and then they look very similar. The main purpose of this
   theme is, I think, to build a bridge between DUPLO and Town. In that way also
   the Town sets can become less 'juniorized'again.
   Something I don't like about this set is the white turntable, it makes the fire
   engine less realistic. Also Mickey doesn't fit very well in its seat, which is
   not so nice.
   A last bad point is the instruction, which is quite vague.

   Elements which aren't used in the main model are:
   1x6 brick black (2)
   1x6 brick red (2)
   2x2 brick white
   2x2 brick red (2)
   1x4x2 bar piece grey

   The set is OK, but I wouldn't buy it for someone who hasn't any of the other
   Mickey Mouse sets or some Basic sets.

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