SET 3678: Big House

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Set inventory. Thanks to Benjamin Whytcross for the complete inventory

Total Pieces: 132
1 Figure: Lion, orange head, black body/arms, yellow legs (Mayor Lionel Lion)
1 Figure: Lamb, white head/arms/legs, yellow body (Docter Lucy Lamb)
1 Figure: Horse, brown head, yellow body/arms, blue legs (Henry Horse)
1 Figure: Elephant, grey head/legs, red body/arms (Edward Elephant)
1 24x40 Baseplate green
4 Cupboard with yellow windows (model A) red
4 Cupboard with yellow windows (model B) red
3 Cupboard with red windows yellow
2 Cupboard with yellow windows blue
1 Cupboard with yellow door red
1 Cupboard with red door yellow
2 Roof part with green roof red
1 Roof part with green roof with hole red
3 Roof part with red roof yellow
3 Roof part with red roof blue
1 Roof part with red roof with hole blue
1 Chimney blue
1 Accordeon blue
1 Antenna yellow
1 Umbrella stick yellow
1 Umbrella yellow
1 carpet beater brown
1 Bed brown
4 Chair brown
2 Table brown
2 Coffeemug blue
1 Saw yellow
1 Rake dark brown
1 Brush (large) brown
1 Painters brush brown
1 Garbage can red
1 Garbage can lid red
1 Car chassis (12 studs) red
1 Car door left blue
1 Car door right blue
1 Front window round (small) yellow
1 1x4x2 Bellshaped piece with headlight print yellow
20 1x2 brick yellow
1 1x2 brick red
2 1x4 brick red
3 1x4 brick yellow
2 1x6 brick yellow
7 2x3 brick red
1 2x4 brick yellow
10 2x4 brick red
1 2x2 brick red
2 6x10 plate red
2 4x12 plate red
2 6x16 plate yellow
1 4x10 plate yellow
1 6x10 plate yellow
1 6x10 plate blue
1 4x6 plate yellow
7 1x4x2 fence blue
3 Flower (old) yellow
3 Flower (old) red
3 Flower (old) white
3 Flowerstem (old) green

The inventory can also be found at Peeron and Bricklink

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