SET 3664: Police Station

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Set inventory

Total Pieces:
1 Figure: Bulldog, black cap, brown head, blue body/arms, black legs
1 Figure: Bulldog, black cap, white head, blue body/arms, black legs
1 16x24 baseplate green
1 Scooter blue
1 Saddlebags white
1 Telephone red
1 Chair brown
1 Walkie-talkie black
1 Signboard (small) red
1 2x2 tile with raccoon print white
1 2x2 tile with crocodile print white
2 Cupboard with yellow windows blue
2 Cupboard with yellow jail bars blue
1 Roof part with red roof blue
5 1x2 brick red
6 1x2 brick blue
6 1x4 brick red
18 2x2 brick blue
4 2x4 brick red
1 2x6 plate blue
1 4x6 plate yellow
2 4x10 plate blue

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Personal comments

One of the sets I really like. The jail is nicely made, although one can argue why the criminal sits dry inside
whereas the police has to sit outside when it rains, but I expect it almost never rains in Fabuland (see also the
booklet of Donny Dog). Also nice is the extension to the building for the sheriff, with a roofblock on the
bookshelf and a desk with telephone.

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