SET 3634: Charlie Crow's Carry all

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: 18
1 Figure: Crow, yellow/black head, black body/arms, yelllow legs
1 Trashcan green
1 Trashcan lid green
1 Shovel (small) grey
1 Brush (small) brown
1 Car chassis (large) black
1 Car door left yellow
1 Car door right yellow
1 Front window square yellow
1 Roof solid red
1 6x8x1 square box yellow
1 1x4x2 piece with headlight print yellow
2 1x4 bricks yellow
2 1x6 bricks yellow
2 2x2 bricks yellow

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Personal comments

This is an older set from around 1980/1981. The curved roof is solid, the car chassis is the long type (14 studs)
and the brush and shovel are still the minifig type. For me it was never clear what should go in the trashcan and
unfortunately except for set 3678 no other sets have a trashcan, so Charly can't pick up many trash. For some reason
I was always scared that the trashcan lid would break soon when something heavy would fall on it. The character of
Charly Crow didn't attract me very much, in my opinion he always seemed to be much older than the other characters
just as grey dog and the lions.

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