SET 329: Bear and Pickup Truck

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: 23
1 Figure: Bear, brown head, blue body/arms, red legs
1 Car chassis (large) yellow
1 Car door left red
1 Car door right red
1 Front window round yellow
1 1x2 brick yellow
2 1x4 brick red
5 1x4 brick black
2 1x6 brick red
1 2x2 brick red
2 2x2 brick yellow
1 2x3 brick red
1 2x3 brick yellow
1 4x4 plate yellow
1 4x6 plate red
1 6x8 plate black

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Personal comments

One of the first sets I had (maybe really the first one) and therefore I still like this set. The colors of the character aren't very good and there are also not many special pieces. However, the combination of the pieces give a nice pickup truck. Also compare the back of the ttruck with that of set 3634. Both have the same size, but are made completely different.

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