SET 140/350: Townhall

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: 140
1 Figure: Bulldog, red cap, brown head, blue body/arms
1 Figure: Fox, orange head, black body, red arms/legs
1 Figure: Lion, brown head, black body/arms, yellow legs
1 Cap red
1 Cap blue
1 Tree green
1 Stairs red
1 Car chassis (14 studs) yellow
1 Car door left blue
1 Car door right blue
1 Front window round yellow
2 2x6x5 bricks with door and print police blue
1 4x8 plate yellow
2 2x2 brick blue
1 1x2 brick blue
1 2x3 brick blue
1 Car chassis (14 studs) black
1 Car door left red
1 Car door right red
1 Front window round yellow
1 Fire stairs red/yellow
1 4x4 turntable red
1 2x3 brick red
4 2x4 brick red
3 1x2 brick red
1 Garage with red doors and blue windows yellow
1 House with blue door/windows yellow
6 Cupboard with blue windows yellow
1 Parasol standard blue
1 Parasol blue
1 6x16 plate yellow
1 4x10 plate yellow
2 6x10 plate yellow
1 4x8 plate red
1 4x4 plate red
2 4x4 plate blue
25 2x2 brick red
2 2x4 brick yellow
10 2x4 brick red
6 2x2 brick yellow
7 2x2 brick blue
3 2x3 brick blue
2 2x3 brick red
7 1x2 brick red
4 1x4 brick red
2 1x6 brick blue
16 1x2 brick blue
4 1x4 fence red
1 Brush (small) brown
1 Signboard (small) grey

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Personal comments

Probably the largest Fabuland set that has been made. From this set the city is controlled.There is a police car, a fire engine but moreover also the mayor has a place here. Special parts include the cupboards, but also the many large yellow plates. Thanks to Frank Buiting I could get this set and now have the old sets (1979) almost complete

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