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LDraw / MLCad

LDraw and MLCad are drawing programs for LEGO. It is a fan-based initiative and all parts are drawn by LEGO fnas. As a result not all parts ever produced by LEGO are available yet. Also quite a lot Fabuland elements (no figures unfortunately) are available. Either in the official release package or via other ways.

One of the nice things about LDraw for Fabuland is that you do not to have the parts yourself and that you can use a lot more colors. For example you can use the Fabuland roofs in white and make a snow landscape.
Normal image Snowy image

On of the models I created in LDraw is a large building, for example a university, library or large town hall:

I have also put my Fabuland castle in MLCad and made a copy in blue.

Elements in LDraw:
Car chassis 14 studs LDraw (not yet released)
Car chassis 8 studs LDraw (released)
Wheelbarrow LDraw (not yet released)
Handcart LDraw (not yet released)
Steering helm LDraw (released)
Peddle LDraw (not yet released)
Front window squared large LDraw (released)
Front window round large LDraw (released)
1x4x2 Bellshaped brick with 1 stud LDraw (released)
Seatbox 4x4x2 LDraw (released)
Saddlebags LDraw (released)
Exhaust left LDraw (released)
Exhaust right LDraw (released)
Cupboard Available via Sybrand
Door frame LDraw (not yet released)
Door LDraw (not yet released)
Jail door LDraw (released)
Roofpart LDraw (released)
Roofpart with hole LDraw (released)
Chimney LDraw (released)
Chair LDraw (released)
Large open disc LDraw (not yet released)
Slide LDraw (not yet released)
Stairs curved LDraw (released)
Stairs straight LDraw (released)
Parasol (new type) LDraw (released)
Shovel (large) LDraw (not yet released)
Axe LDraw (not yet released)
Column (Lamppost) LDraw (not yet released)
Coffeemug LDraw (not yet released)
Cabinet 2x3x2 LDraw (not yet released)
Drawer LDraw (not yet released)
Hair brush LDraw (released)
Tub LDraw (released)

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